Double It!

Walking down a dusty road

photo by Kate Boydell

In church, we’ve been in a series from the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew 5. This week, part of the discussion involved verse 41. This is the verse that states in the NIV “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

This verse is part of the discussion that also includes turning the other cheek when someone wrongs you. On the surface, we understand what these verses are telling us. We must go above and beyond when we are wronged in order to show kindness to those that are oppressing us.

This is one verse however, where an understanding of the the time period is helpful. [Read more…]

Wealth and Comfort

This past Saturday I gave a talk at our monthly men’s prayer breakfast. It’s been something that’s been on my heart lately. If you can’t see the video, use this link –

Beware of the “If Only’s”

Wishing Well

photo courtesy Jason Pratt

We had a leadership meeting after church today to discuss some of the latest issues and needs of the church. There were a lot of valid concerns and ideas brought up during this meeting. Later in the afternoon a thought occurred to me about it though.

Each time a concern was raised, multiple ideas were voiced on how to address that concern. “We need this type of person on staff.” “We need an increased commitment to giving.” “We need this type of program.”

It occurred to me that it was a lot like our personal lives. We often get a case of the “if only’s”. “If only I made a little more money.” “If only I had this car.” “If only my kids would do this.”

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On the Straight and Narrow

Straight Lawn Lines

photo courtesy Tudor Prisăcariu

I’ve had a thought/blog brewing in my head for a long time. Sitting on the lawn mower during the spring and summer gives me an occasion to do a lot of thinking. An interesting comparison occurred to me one time while doing this. [Read more…]

Don’t Miss the Trees

The forest or the trees

photo courtesy Ben Millett

I was reading my devotional, Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, last night and learned something I found rather interesting. I learned the origin and meaning of the word serendipity. I think this word is a very important word as well. It’s key to living a full life I believe.

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