Education Won’t Save Our Children

chalkboard image by lewisr1There is so much debate lately about Education Standards (Common Core) and Standardized Testing. The problem is, we’re focusing on the wrong thing. Changing the standards won’t help our children succeed.

One side of the argument I hear so often is that we’re falling behind the rest of the world. Let’s just say we come up with the perfect standards that are the best in the world, and then we come up with the perfect test that measures our kids to those standards with amazing accuracy. Do we win then?

What is the goal? Is it to have the smartest kids in the world? Is it to have the best educated kids in the world? I don’t think those are the goals at all.  [Read more…]

ADD Worship

Worship Experience

Photo by William Hartz

This morning I read a devotional on the topic of worship. It got me thinking about how our modern society views worship versus what worship really is at its core.

You see so many churches spend time, money, and energy creating the “perfect worship experience”. [Read more…]

Daniel Pascual Ramirez Zaragoza

Pastor Daniel Zaragoza

Pastor Daniel Zaragoza

Last night, the earth lost a mighty man of God. It would take a book to write the background of this young man, so I can’t really do that here. If you would like to know more, you should go to Fishers of Men Mexico and read more about his background and his family. You will also get to meet a lot of other awesome men, women, and children by doing so.

But back to Danny. About a month ago, Danny, only a boy of 5, went in for heart surgery because he only had half a heart. Because of this, his body did not process oxygen as well as it should. The surgery was designed to improve that situation. It was a very risky surgery, but very necessary. The regular oxygen saturation level in his body was only 70-75%. You would not be released from a hospital with that level, and yet that was a regular level for little Danny.  [Read more…]

Worship Rebooted

Silver from the Flames at Tha Rawk

Silver from the Flames playing at Tha Rawk at Town and Country Christian Church
photo by:Matthew Walker

I receive a magazine called “Technologies for Worship”. I started receiving it because I used to volunteer as a sound tech at a church we previously attended. It has some great articles on the basics of using audio and video technologies in church.

Increasingly though, I have become disillusioned with the content. It has less to do with changes in the magazine than it does with changes in me.

The Spirit has been working on me about priorities in life. What is truly important, and what is just fluff? [Read more…]

Not Me!

Family Circus Cartoon blaming Not MeWe’ve all experienced asking our kids a question about “who did it” and received the response, “not me!” haven’t we? Bil Keane of Family Circus created the ghost Not Me that runs around causing all of the havoc in the house that the kids seem to know nothing about. We tease about this Not Me character in our house quite frequently. It’s amazing when you’ve got six kids to blame it on, but apparently not one of them did it.

Today my wife was reading to the kids out of Genesis as part of our Advent reading. [Read more…]