Blinded To the Truth

Blinded To the TruthHave you ever noticed how people seem to come to a sudden and dramatic realization of the Truth of Jesus Christ? Christianity has existed for over 2000 years, yet people continue to come to the Lord with a sudden realization that makes it seem like they are hearing the story for the first time.

I’m sure for some, it is true that they’ve never really heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. That is a sad fact, especially in our “Christian Nation” when there are so many that claim to be Christians. For most though, I think it is something else. [Read more…]

A Spiritual Bell Curve

It seems to me that most of the discussion and debates I read and hear from Christians center around taking on ideas and philosophies that go against their own beliefs. They engage in endless back and forth debates that more often than not degrade into hatefulness and name calling. These debates do little to change the position of anyone. Both sides have already made a decision in their minds as to the “proper” side.

What they are ignoring however is a basic principle of statistics that occurs over and over again all around us. [Read more…]

The Spoiled Princess

Princess DanielleYesterday I made a Facebook post about spoiling my daughter and how I hope that the end result would be for her to have high expectations of any other man that comes into my Princess’s life. The resulting discussion in the comments really got me thinking through what makes the difference between positive and negative spoiling.

There’s nothing positive about a spoiled brat who expects everything to be given to her or done for her. Creating someone like this is definitely not one of my goals. So why do I think that spoiling my daughter is a good thing? [Read more…]

Do It Like David

Guitarist ImageHave you ever been watching the worship team at church during a particularly moving section of a praise song and seen the guitarist just get carried away in the moment? Or maybe the song is moving fast and the drummer is just pounding out a beat like he’s in the Whac-a-mole championships? I’ve heard many people talk negatively about this kind of showboating at church.

I tend to disagree however. [Read more…]

Standardized Test Scores Predict Nothing

VERY intriguing video from Angela Lee Duckworth at a Ted Conference on what makes a good student (or a successful person in general). It’s not IQ, Standardized Test Scores, perceived safety, or Socio-economic Status. It’s just pure grit. 

Another interesting observation is that a person’s view of failure is crucial. Failure is not permanent. You simply change and grow based on that failure. We need to learn to focus more on that in the school systems. If we could get kids to understand that pop quizzes show them what they need to focus on for the bigger test, perhaps we could help them in developing that mindset of failure.

Something I wonder about is whether the Christian Faith helps in the formation of that grit. If the concept of failure not being permanent is a key, it seems that is at the core of Christianity. Isn’t that what we base our salvation on? The Grace that our failures are not permanent? What do you think?

This is a very short video. Please check it out.


Screen Shot of Grit video