Standardized Test Scores Predict Nothing

VERY intriguing video from Angela Lee Duckworth at a Ted Conference on what makes a good student (or a successful person in general). It’s not IQ, Standardized Test Scores, perceived safety, or Socio-economic Status. It’s just pure grit. 

Another interesting observation is that a person’s view of failure is crucial. Failure is not permanent. You simply change and grow based on that failure. We need to learn to focus more on that in the school systems. If we could get kids to understand that pop quizzes show them what they need to focus on for the bigger test, perhaps we could help them in developing that mindset of failure.

Something I wonder about is whether the Christian Faith helps in the formation of that grit. If the concept of failure not being permanent is a key, it seems that is at the core of Christianity. Isn’t that what we base our salvation on? The Grace that our failures are not permanent? What do you think?

This is a very short video. Please check it out.


Screen Shot of Grit video

This Year Is Going To Suck!

Welcome 2012

Photo by Ludie Cochrane

I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook to the effect of “I hope this year is better than last year”. Well, I’ve got news for you. This year is probably going to suck. That is, unless you have a plan to make it better than last year. You shouldn’t be depending on luck, or fate to determine how your year is going to go.

If you just let life happen TO you, then you’ll never be happy with what you get. On the other hand, if you have goals and a plan, then regardless of what happens along the way, you will still find satisfaction because you are happening TO life instead of it happening to you. [Read more…]

You’ve Got the Power

Soar by Kenny LuckHow would you like to have a personal advisor? Someone who would be with you everywhere you went? Someone to whisper in your ear during those difficult situations? Someone who would tell you just the right words to say when confronted by an uncomfortable encounter? That’s exactly the topic that Kenny Luck addresses in his new book “Soar” which I just read compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing through their Blogging for Books program.

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More Than a Thief

Car Thieves

photo courtesy Elliot Brown

Today while I was walking, I listened to one of my brother Brandon’s sermons that he records and posts on the internet (a podcast). You can find all of his messages at the church website. Incidentally, his wife Jamie does all of the artwork for the “album covers” you see for each message. They’re pretty awesome too. She did my logo for my business website also.

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Which Came First?

Chickens and Eggs

Photo courtesy Chris

Have you ever met one of those people who will debate anything you say? In fact, it seems to be one of their favorite things to do? I’m learning to identify them more quickly and avoid getting into one of their endless debates that never seem to accomplish anything. When you frequent as many blog websites as I do, you seem to constantly run into these people.

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