Another Trip to Stuff Mart


Photo by Mani Babbar

My family has been going through a major change in our view of money and what is truly important. It’s been a long process that started back in 2005 when we started taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class at our church. The next major shift came when my factory closed in the summer of 2009. It has continued as we’ve brought three additional kids into our home to add to our existing three.

It’s amazing what you learn to do without when you just simply no longer have the money to do it. You actually often reach a point where the desire for those things goes away. One great example is fast food. We just really have no desire anymore to fill our bodies with that questionable nutrition.

One thing I have struggled with as we’ve grown, is taking a look at those around me and the things that they still find important in their lives. I wonder how to initiate the changes in their lives without them having to do it through a “trial by fire” such as we have. [Read more…]

Jesus Loves Hitler


I was listening to a Christian radio station today as we were driving and for some reason one of the songs made me think about a saying I’ve heard many times in the past. It says, “you are the only Jesus some will ever see”. I can’t help but think about Westboro Baptist Church when I think about this statement. Do you really think Jesus would be standing there protesting at a Soldier’s funeral? In fact, do you think Jesus would even be standing at Hitler’s ?

When I think about Jesus at a soldier’s funeral, I see him weeping with the family and putting His arm around them and comforting them, and saying nothing at all. If He were at Hitler’s funeral, I’m sure He would be weeping for the lost soul, and for all the death and destruction that was represented there. [Read more…]

You Didn’t Make It Grandma

Apple Pie

photo by "ilovebutter"

If your grandma made you your favorite apple pie, would you tell her she didn’t actually make it herself? I mean, somebody else grew the wheat that was turned into flour, which was trucked on government roads to a store owned by somebody else. There are literally hundreds of people involved in the making of that pie.

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Today’s Modern Translation

WritingI’m going to create a new version of the Bible. Not only is the language outdated in most versions, but much of it just doesn’t mesh with our modern society.

Removing content that modern science knows is not correct is a high priority.  Everyone knows now that life on Earth evolved and wasn’t created in seven days. We also know that our sexual preferences are hard wired in our brains. It’s all scientific fact. It’s ridiculous to think our scientists could be wrong, so we’ll just remove anything they disagree with. [Read more…]

By God’s Grace I Will

Windmills of La Mancha

photo by Casey Fox

I was reading a Facebook post recently and the question was asked whether it’s right for Christians to impose their beliefs on others. The question was specifically addressing homosexuals and marriage, but it really can apply to so many more situations than just that.

Well, my answer is yes, I believe it is right. It’s not a popular answer. It’s definitely not politically correct. It is none the less my belief. I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. I believe He is the One and Only True God. He is the only One that holds the Truth and no one else does. I believe that someday, that belief will be confirmed for all to see.

Because of that belief, I MUST stand by what I believe to be right and true. And because I believe it, and because I truly care about others, I cannot stand idly by and just let them continue on with what I know to be a dangerous path. [Read more…]