Do It Like David

Guitarist ImageHave you ever been watching the worship team at church during a particularly moving section of a praise song and seen the guitarist just get carried away in the moment? Or maybe the song is moving fast and the drummer is just pounding out a beat like he’s in the Whac-a-mole championships? I’ve heard many people talk negatively about this kind of showboating at church.

I tend to disagree however. [Read more…]

ADD Worship

Worship Experience

Photo by William Hartz

This morning I read a devotional on the topic of worship. It got me thinking about how our modern society views worship versus what worship really is at its core.

You see so many churches spend time, money, and energy creating the “perfect worship experience”. [Read more…]

Worship Rebooted

Silver from the Flames at Tha Rawk

Silver from the Flames playing at Tha Rawk at Town and Country Christian Church
photo by:Matthew Walker

I receive a magazine called “Technologies for Worship”. I started receiving it because I used to volunteer as a sound tech at a church we previously attended. It has some great articles on the basics of using audio and video technologies in church.

Increasingly though, I have become disillusioned with the content. It has less to do with changes in the magazine than it does with changes in me.

The Spirit has been working on me about priorities in life. What is truly important, and what is just fluff? [Read more…]