Daniel Pascual Ramirez Zaragoza

Pastor Daniel Zaragoza

Pastor Daniel Zaragoza

Last night, the earth lost a mighty man of God. It would take a book to write the background of this young man, so I can’t really do that here. If you would like to know more, you should go to Fishers of Men Mexico and read more about his background and his family. You will also get to meet a lot of other awesome men, women, and children by doing so.

But back to Danny. About a month ago, Danny, only a boy of 5, went in for heart surgery because he only had half a heart. Because of this, his body did not process oxygen as well as it should. The surgery was designed to improve that situation. It was a very risky surgery, but very necessary. The regular oxygen saturation level in his body was only 70-75%. You would not be released from a hospital with that level, and yet that was a regular level for little Danny.  [Read more…]

Jesus Loves Hitler


I was listening to a Christian radio station today as we were driving and for some reason one of the songs made me think about a saying I’ve heard many times in the past. It says, “you are the only Jesus some will ever see”. I can’t help but think about Westboro Baptist Church when I think about this statement. Do you really think Jesus would be standing there protesting at a Soldier’s funeral? In fact, do you think Jesus would even be standing at Hitler’s ?

When I think about Jesus at a soldier’s funeral, I see him weeping with the family and putting His arm around them and comforting them, and saying nothing at all. If He were at Hitler’s funeral, I’m sure He would be weeping for the lost soul, and for all the death and destruction that was represented there. [Read more…]