Beware of the “If Only’s”

Wishing Well

photo courtesy Jason Pratt

We had a leadership meeting after church today to discuss some of the latest issues and needs of the church. There were a lot of valid concerns and ideas brought up during this meeting. Later in the afternoon a thought occurred to me about it though.

Each time a concern was raised, multiple ideas were voiced on how to address that concern. “We need this type of person on staff.” “We need an increased commitment to giving.” “We need this type of program.”

It occurred to me that it was a lot like our personal lives. We often get a case of the “if only’s”. “If only I made a little more money.” “If only I had this car.” “If only my kids would do this.”

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More Than a Thief

Car Thieves

photo courtesy Elliot Brown

Today while I was walking, I listened to one of my brother Brandon’s sermons that he records and posts on the internet (a podcast). You can find all of his messages at the church website. Incidentally, his wife Jamie does all of the artwork for the “album covers” you see for each message. They’re pretty awesome too. She did my logo for my business website also.

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Which Came First?

Chickens and Eggs

Photo courtesy Chris

Have you ever met one of those people who will debate anything you say? In fact, it seems to be one of their favorite things to do? I’m learning to identify them more quickly and avoid getting into one of their endless debates that never seem to accomplish anything. When you frequent as many blog websites as I do, you seem to constantly run into these people.

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