Man Up BP!

BP Not Responsible for Spills

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I just read an article on about the oil rig that had an explosion and sank in the Gulf recently. Following is an excerpt from that article.
A separate report by a different Transocean consultant on the Deepwater Horizon’s equipment cited at least 26 components and systems out of 129 categories on the rig that were in “bad” or “poor” condition, according to a report in Thursday’s New York Times.
Transocean’s spokesman told CNN all equipment on the Deepwater Horizon was in line with government guidelines. “Every device met regulatory standards,” Colasuonno said.
Can you believe it? They have nothing better to say than “Every device met regulatory standards”? I am so tired of blame shifting and finger pointing in society today. The oil rig exploded. People died. Animals and fish are dying. The fishing and tourist industries along the Gulf are set back an unknown number of years, and all they have to say is that they met the minimum guidelines that the government set. Since when is the government an expert on the oil industry? If reports that they commissioned themselves stated that things were not at their prime operating condition, shouldn’t they, being the experts, have done something about it?
And worse yet, now that the worst has actually come to pass, shouldn’t they take the responsible route and say “we screwed up. Here’s what we’re doing about it.”? Once again I come back to the book QBQ! by John G. Miller. What we need is a return to personal responsibility. I would have so much more respect for a company that owned up to a mistake and dealt with it head on. Don’t follow the poor example set by BP. When you make a mistake, or even if you didn’t make the mistake, but there is something you can do about it, skip the blame game that’s more fit for a 4 year old and address the issue head on. Come on BP, man up!

BP Oil’s Biggest Failure

BP Oil Disaster

BP Oil Disaster

I recently watched a pretty disturbing video. The video clip is from an MSNBC video with Rachel Maddow. It compares the current BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico to a 1979 oil leak in the Gulf. Unfortunately the situations are eerily similar. What is disturbing to me is not that BP is experiencing this leak. What is disturbing to me is that the same thing happened 31 years ago… and they STILL don’t know how to deal with it! The only difference is that they now can drill in 5000 ft. of water instead of 200 ft.

So how about you? Have you learned anything in the past 31 years (or within whatever timeframe is appropriate to your lifespan)? Mistakes are a fact of life. Failure is a fact of life. The greatest minds on earth have probably failed more times than most of us combined. It’s not the failure that matters. It’s what you learn from the failure.

Don’t allow failures or mistakes in your life to set you back. Learn from them, and then move on. It’s the learning process that differentiates those defined by failure and those that are considered successes in life.