Standardized Test Scores Predict Nothing

VERY intriguing video from Angela Lee Duckworth at a Ted Conference on what makes a good student (or a successful person in general). It’s not IQ, Standardized Test Scores, perceived safety, or Socio-economic Status. It’s just pure grit. 

Another interesting observation is that a person’s view of failure is crucial. Failure is not permanent. You simply change and grow based on that failure. We need to learn to focus more on that in the school systems. If we could get kids to understand that pop quizzes show them what they need to focus on for the bigger test, perhaps we could help them in developing that mindset of failure.

Something I wonder about is whether the Christian Faith helps in the formation of that grit. If the concept of failure not being permanent is a key, it seems that is at the core of Christianity. Isn’t that what we base our salvation on? The Grace that our failures are not permanent? What do you think?

This is a very short video. Please check it out.


Screen Shot of Grit video

Education Won’t Save Our Children

chalkboard image by lewisr1There is so much debate lately about Education Standards (Common Core) and Standardized Testing. The problem is, we’re focusing on the wrong thing. Changing the standards won’t help our children succeed.

One side of the argument I hear so often is that we’re falling behind the rest of the world. Let’s just say we come up with the perfect standards that are the best in the world, and then we come up with the perfect test that measures our kids to those standards with amazing accuracy. Do we win then?

What is the goal? Is it to have the smartest kids in the world? Is it to have the best educated kids in the world? I don’t think those are the goals at all.  [Read more…]