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Photographer: Pat Kullberg

Welcome to my latest blog. As I’ve pursued my new Financial Coaching business, I’ve come to realize how important continuous growth and improvement is to me. I am constantly analyzing my behavior and actions to try and do better the next time I encounter a situation. I’m always reading books that are designed to help me improve at the things I do and that are designed to create growth in me. I tend to associate myself with people who can help and encourage me in that growth.

Some of the areas I like to focus on are first and foremost my relationship with Jesus Christ. If I improve in that area, I know everything else will follow because that is the nature of being a true follower of Christ.  Additionally I try and improve my relationship with those around me, my wife, my children, my friends, and my acquaintances.

Lately I’ve been spending A LOT of time focusing on how to develop a business based on serving others. I’ve discovered a great group of people online that are helping me in that area, and I will be meeting with them soon at an intensive event in the Colorado Springs area to go even deeper in that.

Through all of this, I’ve decided that it might be beneficial to me and to others to blog about this and share my experiences with others. Hopefully through my experiences, others can find growth, and maybe they can share back with me some of the things that they have learned.

So, be prepared to learn along with me, and PLEASE comment and share back. I look forward to interacting with everyone. I will try and keep this light and fun as well as insightful. I hope to include plenty of the resources that I have encountered along the way through book reviews/summaries as well as links and references to some of the people and sites that have contributed as well.

Most of all, please be patient with me, because I’m Still Not There.