Not Me!

Family Circus Cartoon blaming Not MeWe’ve all experienced asking our kids a question about “who did it” and received the response, “not me!” haven’t we? Bil Keane of Family Circus created the ghost Not Me that runs around causing all of the havoc in the house that the kids seem to know nothing about. We tease about this Not Me character in our house quite frequently. It’s amazing when you’ve got six kids to blame it on, but apparently not one of them did it.

Today my wife was reading to the kids out of Genesis as part of our Advent reading. [Read more…]

Today’s Modern Translation

WritingI’m going to create a new version of the Bible. Not only is the language outdated in most versions, but much of it just doesn’t mesh with our modern society.

Removing content that modern science knows is not correct is a high priority.  Everyone knows now that life on Earth evolved and wasn’t created in seven days. We also know that our sexual preferences are hard wired in our brains. It’s all scientific fact. It’s ridiculous to think our scientists could be wrong, so we’ll just remove anything they disagree with. [Read more…]

By God’s Grace I Will

Windmills of La Mancha

photo by Casey Fox

I was reading a Facebook post recently and the question was asked whether it’s right for Christians to impose their beliefs on others. The question was specifically addressing homosexuals and marriage, but it really can apply to so many more situations than just that.

Well, my answer is yes, I believe it is right. It’s not a popular answer. It’s definitely not politically correct. It is none the less my belief. I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. I believe He is the One and Only True God. He is the only One that holds the Truth and no one else does. I believe that someday, that belief will be confirmed for all to see.

Because of that belief, I MUST stand by what I believe to be right and true. And because I believe it, and because I truly care about others, I cannot stand idly by and just let them continue on with what I know to be a dangerous path. [Read more…]

Double It!

Walking down a dusty road

photo by Kate Boydell

In church, we’ve been in a series from the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew 5. This week, part of the discussion involved verse 41. This is the verse that states in the NIV “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

This verse is part of the discussion that also includes turning the other cheek when someone wrongs you. On the surface, we understand what these verses are telling us. We must go above and beyond when we are wronged in order to show kindness to those that are oppressing us.

This is one verse however, where an understanding of the the time period is helpful. [Read more…]

Wealth and Comfort

This past Saturday I gave a talk at our monthly men’s prayer breakfast. It’s been something that’s been on my heart lately. If you can’t see the video, use this link –