What’s the Big Deal?

Baseball in glove

photo by adwriter

Have you heard about the recent Detroit Tiger’s game controversy? The umpire, Jim Joyce, blew the call on the last play of the game costing a rookie pitcher for the Tigers, Armando Galarraga, a perfect game. Jim Joyce called the runner safe on first when he clearly did not beat the ball to the bag. ┬áBut that’s not the big news. Controversial calls are made all the time. The big deal is what happened afterwards.

The umpire later reviewed the play in the locker room due to the uproar, and he saw that he was clearly in the wrong. He then took the initiative to apologize to Armando Galarraga for the blown call. Armando then graciously accepted the apology. Isn’t that simply amazing?

The real question here is “should it be amazing?” Both men did what they should have. The umpire recognized his error and apologized for it. The pitcher saw that he was being honest and sincere and accepted the apology at face value. That’s how we should react, right? So why is it such big news? It’s because we see so few examples of it in this day and age. Egos get out of control. Everyone things they’re right. Everyone thinks the other guy shouldn’t make any mistakes.

What is your reaction when something like this happens to you? When someone wrongs you but then apologizes in sincerity, how do you react? Do you send them away without accepting the apology? Do you half heartedly accept but still hold it against them? Take a lesson from these two honorable men and make a difference.