I am husband, father, friend and follower of Christ. I believe strongly in trying to make myself a little better each day. I read extensively and associate myself with people who are like minded and have something to add to my life.

I love to serve and help others. I am currently self-employed as a Finance Coach helping people get on a budget, get out of debt, and get on a Life Plan for their finances. In other words, I help people improve their finances and plan for their financial future. Check it out at CurrentFinances.com

I am also deeply involved in my community. I volunteer with several community service oriented groups.  I also am a partner in a business focused on connecting our community to all of the great events, resources, and people that are available. You can check out this project at ShelbyvilleToday.com.

My wonderful wife, Dyan, also has a blog you can check out at MamaMiaBlog.com.