A Spiritual Bell Curve

It seems to me that most of the discussion and debates I read and hear from Christians center around taking on ideas and philosophies that go against their own beliefs. They engage in endless back and forth debates that more often than not degrade into hatefulness and name calling. These debates do little to change the position of anyone. Both sides have already made a decision in their minds as to the “proper” side.

What they are ignoring however is a basic principle of statistics that occurs over and over again all around us. We learned about it in school in various classes and forms. Many times it even affected our grades. Everyone liked a teacher who graded “on the curve”, unless of course there was that person who “wrecked the curve”.

The Normal or Bell CurveIn a nutshell, the bell curve, or normal curve as it is often called, says that most measurements are going to fall in the middle. There will be some at each extreme, but the vast majority will fall in the middle.

So “how does this apply here?” you may ask. Today, our pastor talked some about Spiritual Apathy. There is a vast group of people out there who may believe, or disbelieve inĀ God, but really don’t see how it applies to their every day life either way. They are spiritually apathetic. They are just living out their lives day in and day out without giving a thought to how it affects their eternity.

This is the group that brings a bigger benefit to reach out to. They just need woken up from the spiritual coma they are in. They need to be shown the Love of Jesus and how it applies to their life right now. It is also an urgent calling, because it has a much greater impact on their eternity than it does on their today.

I encourage you to stop fueling these endless and purposeless debates and reach out to the larger group. The group that doesn’t know they need to care. And by caring about and for them, we have a much greater chance to reach them than those who have already made up their minds. In the long run, simply reaching out and caring for others will have a bigger impact on the extremes as well.