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Worship Experience

Photo by William Hartz

This morning I read a devotional on the topic of worship. It got me thinking about how our modern society views worship versus what worship really is at its core.

You see so many churches spend time, money, and energy creating the “perfect worship experience”. This includes the proper lighting, backdrops, and video projection. Multi-piece worship bands practice for hours to create just the right sound and stage presence. Songs are chosen to set just the perfect mood and to complement the pastor’s message.

Preparing to come into God’s presence should never be an after thought, so I do believe that all preparation is not pointless. The question is, how much is enough, and how much is just catering to the human desire to be entertained? The biggest responsibility for preparing for worship falls on the one worshipping and no amount of added atmosphere will change that no matter how well intentioned.

My own most intense worship experience happened without any of the modern “essentials”. Every time I hear the song “How Great Is Our God“, I am taken back to that moment. Not only did we not have special lighting, or backgrounds, or video, I don’t think we even had any musical instruments, although someone might have been playing a guitar. It was during a mission trip with youth from our church. We were in David, Panama, sitting on the covered back patio of the home of the missionary couple who ministered there. It was evening and the rain was just pouring down.

My heart was totally focused from several days of mission work surrounded by other believers just carrying out the work of Christ. It was totally awesome. It’s an experience I will never forget. I felt in complete connection with my Creator and was just worshipping Him in His Awesome Glory.

It’s time we get back to the basics. If you aren’t “feeling the worship”, then the problem is not with the service, or the worship team, or the church leadership. The problem starts within. Spend more time with God and in His Word, and tear down those walls that are separating you from Him.