Jesus Loves Hitler


I was listening to a Christian radio station today as we were driving and for some reason one of the songs made me think about a saying I’ve heard many times in the past. It says, “you are the only Jesus some will ever see”. I can’t help but think about Westboro Baptist Church when I think about this statement. Do you really think Jesus would be standing there protesting at a Soldier’s funeral? In fact, do you think Jesus would even be standing at Hitler’s ?

When I think about Jesus at a soldier’s funeral, I see him weeping with the family and putting His arm around them and comforting them, and saying nothing at all. If He were at Hitler’s funeral, I’m sure He would be weeping for the lost soul, and for all the death and destruction that was represented there.

There IS one place I could see Him protesting though. That would be at Westboro Baptist Church. I wouldn’t JUST single them out though. I think the Church in general is far from where He would like it to be when it comes to loving our fellow man.

If you read the New Testament, you will find that Jesus reserved his “protest” for the Church Leadership, not for the common man, or even for the secular government. Perhaps if people saw a little more of that Jesus, there’d be a lot less protesting from those outside the Church too.