Don’t Miss the Trees

The forest or the trees

photo courtesy Ben Millett

I was reading my devotional, Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, last night and learned something I found rather interesting. I learned the origin and meaning of the word serendipity. I think this word is a very important word as well. It’s key to living a full life I believe.

Horace Walpole coined the word serendipity after reading the book The Three Princes of Serendip. The three main characters make many accidental yet fascinating and important discoveries along the way while in the pursuit of their ultimate quest. He coins the phrase serendipity in a letter to refer to the accidental discovery of important things while pursuing something else.

So often in life, we get so focused on “the goal” that we miss many exciting and interesting things that happen along the way. Life is not a destination. It’s what happens along the way to that ultimate destination that we all must face. Make the most of it while you’re here. It’s not the destination that is important but the things you encounter along the way.