The President Is On the Phone

The Oval Office

photo courtesy redskins5926

I’m curious. What if you received a phone call tomorrow from the President? Let’s just say the country was facing a serious situation and he knew that you had just the right skills to address that situation. If he asked you to take on the mission, would you do it? I would bet that most people would say yes, even if you didn’t really agree with the President’s policies in general. If he was calling you to use your abilities, you’d probably gladly stand up to the task. You’d be honored that he asked.

So then, why is it we are so afraid to seek out God’s will in our lives? Not only is God asking us to step up and use our talents for Him, but He’s the One who gave us those talents specifically for the task! He’s not going to ask us to do something that is out of our capability. It may be out of our comfort zone, but not out of our capability.

Why is it then that we are honored by the requests of man, but not when the Supreme Creator of the Universe says, “hey, I want your help”? Notice I said want. He doesn’t even need our help. But He wants it. Why are we not honored? Why do we shy away?

The phone is ringing. It’s not the President. You really should answer it.

  • Keetha

    I’ve never had a phone call from a president, but during the election, before the primaries were over my caller ID informed me I’d had a call from Hillary Clinton!

    Not that I really wanted one – – – but there you have it.

  • Wow, that’s quite a brush with greatness! 🙂