Can’t Buy Me Love

Love the children

photo courtesy Philip Brookes

There are so many things that we have a limited supply of. Our natural resources are not infinite. Clean water is tough to come by in some areas. There’s not enough food in many countries.

There are two things in particular that we here in the U.S. always complain about. We never seem to have enough money, and there’s never enough time. 

We use it as an excuse often. “I’d love to help out, but we just don’t have to funds right now.” “I’d love to volunteer, but I just don’t have enough time between my job, my church, and my family.”

There’s one thing we have an unlimited supply of… love. No matter how much of it we give, we always have more. Why is it then that we are so stingy with it? There are so many people out there that are dying for some love and attention. You’ve got more than enough to share. How about spreading some around?