What’s Your Calling


Photo courtesy aussiegall

There is such a misunderstanding these days regarding a person’s ‘calling’. For some reason we have gotten the impression that ‘calling’ is a word that only applies to preachers and missionaries. This is such a tragedy. God did not call everyone to full time ministry or even service within the church. Does that mean that anyone who is not involved in this type of ministry does not have a God given calling?

I believe whole heartedly that God has a calling for everyone. Unfortunately most people never realize that calling. Their lives are spent without much meaning or purpose. They go to a job they don’t really like; they have children; they retire, and then they die. Such an uninspired life. Such a tragedy.

Everyone has a calling and a purpose that they need to discover within themselves if they want to have a truly fulfilling life. They will benefit most from this knowledge if they can align it with their career as well. I believe everyone can find a job that fits their calling, even if that means you work at McDonalds. Who am I to say that God hasn’t called you to serve others in that capacity? Does that make your calling any less important than a pastor or an elder’s job? No!

Doesn’t it make more sense that God would want us to wrap our calling into every aspect of our lives not just into our connection with the church? Sure I believe that I am called to be an elder of our church; that doesn’t mean that I am not called to serve others by helping them find freedom in their finances as well. Both of those positions fulfill God’s calling on my life to serve others. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I can have a greater impact in my career than I can have at my church.

If you do know your calling in life, don’t ever let anyone sell you short in that. Sometimes even well meaning family, friends, or leadership of the church will try and redirect you to what they think is best for you. Make sure you stand firm in your conviction of what you have been called to do.

If you don’t know your calling, I will be discussing the topic more as I dive more deeply into my own calling. I also have purchased a few copies of Gary Barkalow’s new book It’s Your Call and will likely share insight from there as well. I hope I can provide some more insight into this for you.

What do you think? Am I way off base?