I’m Right and You’re Wrong


Photo courtesy candycanedisco

Have you ever gotten the impression that some people think that the world revolves around them? Or perhaps they think that their opinion is the only one that counts?

The other week I had an interesting occurrence. I run the sound system some weeks at our church. During communion time, we often play some music from a CD while the juice and wafer are being passed out by the ushers. Personally, I prefer it when some of our very talented members play a nice piece on piano or guitar during this time, but that doesn’t happen often. I usually end up grabbing one of the CDs that are sitting around the sound booth and find something suitable to play.

Later that week a friend mentioned to me that they had heard a complaint from someone that the music was not appropriate for their communion time. The music was too upbeat and actually had words not just instrumental!

Why is it that people insist on complaining when something isn’t to THEIR liking? It’s not like that particular selection is representative of what is played every week. Normally it IS just an instrumental piece. These same people are the ones that complain that the worship team doesn’t play enough older hymns, and at the same time that they play too many older hymns. You cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Why can’t people just acknowledge that there may be others who DO like a particular selection and maybe they should just endure and move on because it really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

By the way, the selection I chose for that week was “Love Came Down” by Lindell Cooley. Here’s an excerpt of the song.

I could sing about His forgiveness
I could praise Him till the sun goes down
I could say that I am a witness
I was there when His love came down
Love came down on me
Love came down on me

Totally inappropriate for a communion meditation, isn’t it?

  • Keepie

    What!? You mean the world does NOT revolve around me?????


  • Ian

    Right on, brother. God has ‘immunized’ me somewhat to this kind of criticism…in my position, it’s a must. But it still frustrates me to think that people can be that…well…selfish! What else do you call it? My wife said a wise thing that I keep in mind for times like this; “If something in the service doesn’t appeal to you, praise God someone else is being blessed!”

    Don’t be discouraged. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and do what he says. Any negative repercussions don’t matter then.