Tomorrow Never Comes


Photo courtesy Leo Reynolds

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of anticipating the next event in your life? Do you start to think about your upcoming birthday only to start thinking about your upcoming vacation once your birthday actually arrives? I find myself in that situation often. I’m always looking toward the next thing. Always rushing. Always anticipating. Never kicking back and enjoying where I’m at.

Life is meant to be lived right where I’m at. If I don’t learn to break this cycle, I’m going to look back and realize I missed a lot of living. There is so much to enjoy in life. The “daddy come here’s” contain much more importance no matter how many times in a row they occur. I’m trying to learn to stop and look instead of brushing them aside and charging on toward that next thing that I’m just going to ignore anyway. When you really think about it, tomorrow never comes anyway, so why am I rushing toward it at break-neck speed?

Do you have any tips or suggestions that work for you?

  • Anonymous

    Man, Don….I am constantly guilty of this. It’s in my nature to go onto the next thing and cross it off the list…..It is a frustrating balancing act sometimes. I have to be honest, it’s a struggle of mine, especially with the new business. Praying about it…..

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