Are You Strong Enough to Quit?

Quit Now

photo courtesy fuzzcat

The other day I was listening to a podcast by a fellow Free Agent Academy member, Andy Traub, in which he talked about the fact that he was a quitter. He said he’s quit tons of stuff. In fact he’d just quit serving in a roll recently at his church. He was quite proud of being a quitter.

So obviously there’s something more to this story, right? There is. He is talking about quitting things that aren’t in your strengths so that you can make more room for the things that are. So often we get ourselves involved in a million different things at once just because there’s a need, or it’s something we are capable of doing, but it isn’t really within our strengths or passions. When we allow that to happen, often the result is that other areas of our lives suffer. We shouldn’t allow that to happen.

Another positive thing about quitting is that at least you tried it in the first place. Many people live in fear of failure and never even strike out to try new things. How do you know if you’d be good at it or that it’s something that really fires you up? There is no shame in trying something and discovering that it’s not your thing and then gracefully backing out of it. Don’t let your fear of failure hold you back. Failure is a part of growth. Learn from it and move on.

Are you a good quitter? What do you need to quit at?

  • Anonymous

    Failing Forward by John Maxwell is a great book hitting on this point. It’s important to explore your career options but also realize when its time to move on… is short, make the move while you still can!
    Good post Don

  • Anonymous

    I quit so much stuff I lose track. Thanks for the mention Don. Much appreciated. Anything you’re thinking of quitting soon? Bless you brother. Thanks for listening.

  • Keepiedaniece

    Don – – – I LOVE D.G. (reference to the comment you just left on my blog) I realize that SOME DAY, the grans won’t be so thrilled with cheap toys, but for now they are so cheap I can “spoil” them with a few new things here at Kama’s house on a frequent basis.

    Toys aside – – – I get LOTS of things at DG – – – detergent, snacks, paper products, cleaning products, cat food, etc etc etc – – – I LOVE it, and hope you will love yours too.