Encouragement for Navigating the Sales Jungle

Jungle Warfare book coverI recently received from Thomas Nelson Publishing a complimentary copy of Christopher A. Cunningham’s new book Jungle Warfare – A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales. When I first chose this book, I thought that it would provide strategies for improving your sales techniques. What I found is that it is more of a devotional for those in sales to help encourage them and help them deal with issues specific to their field. It is a 22 day devotional followed by a section on dealing with specific questions a salesperson may face.

While the book was not what I was expecting, I did find it to be an excellant and appropriate devotional. I enjoyed the excerpts from the author’s grandfather’s Basic Field Manual on Jungle Warfare. I thought the references were appropriate to the topics of the devotionals and that the author chose Bible references that tied in well. Each day also leaves space for prayer reflections and personal thoughts. This is a definitely a book that is meant to stimulate further personal reflection, not just a quick read. I definitely feel this would be a good devotional for anyone in the sales profession to spend some time with.

  • Thanks for the review, Don! I just added ANOTHER one to my wish list. This book seems right up my alley.

  • Don Current

    I definitely thought of you while reading it Howard!