Feeding Your Greatest Asset


photo by Rogilde

How often do you give thought to thinking? It just comes natural doesn’t it? There are many ways to foster your mind’s ability to think. Here are a few that I use and some that I should be using, but need to work on.

I find that activities that isolate me from the rest of the world tend to help me think. Activities like mowing the lawn, showering, driving, or just sitting alone in nature as this photo shows help my mind to focus.

Reading the right materials also helps the thinking process. If you feed your mind with information that is appropriate to the activities and challenges in your life, your mind will continue to process this information even when you’re not aware of it. Your subconscious continues to process information even while you are asleep.

Exercising is an excellent way to foster your best thinking. If you keep free of distractions such as television or magazines while exercising, your mind is more open to thought. The chemicals created by the process of exercising seem to put your mind into overdrive and help you process information.

Our bodies function better overall when we are caring for all aspects of our being and keeping them in balance. By taking care of the mental, spiritual, and physical areas, our minds are at their best. I need to work more on exercising and getting myself away to think. By choosing the right activities, I should be able to hit both areas at once and receive the most benefit.

When you do spend time thinking, make sure you have the proper materials available for capturing those thoughts. At least make sure when your time of thinking is complete, that you capture these thoughts immediately.

What techniques, locations, or activities seem to work best for you to create time for thinking?