Why Failure Can Be a Positive


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We don’t often think of sharing our failures or our weaknesses do we? Why would we want to let others know we aren’t perfect? Even superheroes have weaknesses though. Superman couldn’t stand kryptonite. Green Lantern had no power against yellow. Daredevil was overwhelmed by loud noise.

There are several reasons to actually share our failures and weaknesses. First of all, it makes us human. None of us are perfect. We need to learn to accept that and allow others to see our humanness. It makes us real to them. It keeps us from seeming like we think we’re better than others. It keeps us humble.

Another reason to share is that others can learn through us. In the case of failures, it may prevent others from having to make the same mistakes that we did. Failure teaches us what doesn’t work and helps lead us toward what does.

Our weaknesses may help others to recognize similar issues in and around them. My wife had shared with a friend that I suffered from depression and that I was able to overcome it by talking with my doctor and finding the right medication. Later this friend was able to recognize the same symptoms in her husband. This helped her to deal with it better. If my wife hadn’t shared that with her, she might have struggled with the situation more and would not have been as sympathetic about the situation. It helped her to know she wasn’t the only one dealing with this.

By being open and honest with those around us, we can help them to grow and we can help ourselves to grow. It requires us to be humble and transparent, but it is who we truly are and there is never harm caused by being ourselves.

  • Good stuff Don! Love the idea that our failures…and weaknesses…can actually be used for good.

  • Dyan Current

    I just read a book review that talks about this subject. It's called Better Together by Rick Warren.

  • I'm very thankful for that fact. I'm more like The Greatest American Hero than Superman! LOL.

  • You should do a “guest author” review of that book on here for me!